Mailbox Clubs

Truth Chaser correspondence courses

What is a Mailbox Club?

The Truth Chaser Club (formerly CEF’s Mailbox Club™) is an exciting through-the-mail discipleship ministry for children and adults. It began in 1999 as a follow-up course for the spiritual growth of children who had been introduced to the Gospel through The Wonder Book™, and has grown to reach over 255,000 people in more than 130 countries. Twenty-five percent of the students are adults, while ten percent are prisoners.

The Truth Chaser Club includes six different age-related series of lessons, which are available in English, Spanish, large print and Braille. A series consists of seven to ten lessons, for which there is no charge.

After the student completes and mails in the first lesson, it is processed by a volunteer who prays for any needs the student might have, writes an encouraging note, and sends a new lesson. Students who complete the first series of lessons receive a certificate of completion and the 365-page Wonder Devotional Book. After completing the second series of lessons, students receive an age-appropriate book.

The Truth Chaser Club works in partnership with other Christian organizations such as Prison Fellowship Ministry and Joni and Friends, and provides the opportunity for volunteers to have an impact on the lives of the spiritually hungry. If you would like to volunteer in the CEF Truth Chaser Club at World Headquarters, e-mail, or call CEF at 800-300-4033.

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