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Good News Clubs

The Good News Club (GNC) is an excellent way to reach children with the Gospel of Christ where they are: in school! Good News Clubs are weekly Bible clubs that are held after school hours in the school. Read more about Good News Clubs here. 

We are always looking for volunteers for our current clubs and churches with congregations burdened to reach a school in their vicinity! Please contact us below for a list of GNCs in this Central VA area.

5-Day Clubs

Open homes are needed in July and August to host a 5-Day Club! All we ask for the host to provide are refreshments for the children and recruitment of children in your neighborhood to attend. CEF will provide a team of trained summer missionaries to run the club. Read more about 5-Day Clubs here.

Email us for more information or to get involved!

Chapter Prayer Coordinator

We are in need of a volunteer to assume the role of chapter-wide Prayer Coordinator.  The person filling this position will be responsible for establishing a prayer chain and then posting needs and praises for our Good News Clubs, for volunteer leaders and for various events planned to further the cause of the ministry. It is very important that we bathe the ministry in constant prayer.  Please contact our office if you are interested.

Newsletter Help

We are looking for an individual(s) that can help us with our monthly newsletter and internet blogs.  This is a great way to involve yourself in the local ministry from the comfort of your home computer.  We are looking for creative ways to spread the ministry and keep those involved up to date with events and ministry needs.  Please email us with input and ideas on how you would like to be involved.


We are constantly building our database for the local ministry and always looking for effective ways to gain positive exposure for reaching kids.  We need volunteers in getting together mailings that can help us promote to churches, organizations and individuals the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Please email us with input and ideas on how you would like to be involved.

Annual Banquet

This is a huge undertaking from promotion, catering, locations, speakers, programs, sponsorships and so much more.  If you enjoy working with smaller groups and possess the gifts necessary to put together an event like this- your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please email our office with input and ideas on how you would like to be involved.


Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on current prayer needs throughout central Virginia. Email us your mailing address or email address to join our mailing list. 


Donate by check or online! Click here for more information. 

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

Kroger 5% Cash Back

By using a special gift card at Kroger (or any store/gas station owned by Kroger), Kroger will donated 5% of the money you spent to CEF of Central Virginia.

It is so simple to do:

  • Get the special Kroger gift card – email us with your name and address and we will send you one right away
  • Take card to front desk of Kroger and load it with as much or as little money desired
  • Use the card when you shop or fill up your car with gas
  • Kroger will donate 5% of the money you spend to CEF of Central Virginia at no extra cost to you!
  • It’s Free!!! Check the Kroger website to see what stores and gas stations participate in this program

To receive your Kroger gift card, contact us using the information below!

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